Up Your Floral Game With These Trending Event Real & Artificial Flower & Plant Ideas

Up Your Floral Game With These Trending Event Real & Artificial Flower & Plant Ideas

It's NO secret flowers and plants are THE place to seriously take your event up a level. Alternative floral and botancial decor is absolutely a top hit on Pinterest by brides, marketers and planners and corporate event specialist, and showroom and set designers, and who can blame them? The old classic take on centerpieces is feeling a bit crusty, and with all these new ideas out there dynamic, one-of-a-kind events come alive with so gorgeous, fresh perspectives on blooms. Give your business after-hours or America's Mart display personality to be remembered!

Read on to see the most popular floral decor concepts!

Sam Hueghan, Outlander Starz, In Front Of Fresh And ARtificial Flower and Plant wall at Show Premier 

Outlander Starz John Bell, Caitriona Balfe, Richard Rankin, Sophie Skelton in front of real and faux corporate step and repeat

Sam Hueghan, John Bell, Caitriona Balfe, Richard Rankin, Sophie Selton Outlander stands in front of a fresh and artificial plant wall step and repeat created by Colonial House of Flowers for Starz for the set and show premiere. 

Living Plant Wall For Corporate Event and Branding

Corporate Plant Wall Design:  Articultre Design

Green Plant Moss Wall REal and Artificial For Corporate Branding and Events

Company Moss & Plant Wall Design: Botanical Designs 

Colorful Rose Flower Wall in Ecuador for Corporate Event  

Flower Wall at Rosaprima roses coporate international trade show booth

Red White Blue American Flag Flower and Plant Wall For INternatioal Corporate event

Red, white and blue American flag wall made by Colonial House of Flowers for American Grown Flowers wall at international coproate event in Miami 

Living Plant Walls & Plantscapes

Show stopping real and artificial plant walls take your next meeting, movie set, corporate event, or show premiere to a level with this design element. Flower and plant walls  leave a lasting impression, add to the aesthetic and deliver the message you wish to convey. Because flowers and plants offer a universal language these are extra effective for international events. 

Pink Ranuculous With Lavender in a Clear Glass Bud Vase
Swan House, Atlanta, Georgia photo by Julie Paisley, colonialhouse.net


White Ranuculus With White Veronica On Velvet Table Cloth on Southern Porch
Photo by Savan Photography in Athens, Georgia, colonialhouse.net


Modest Arrangements

The big, fussy, it ain't done til it's overdone style of plant and floral design are out adn it's in with the slow, minimal, simple and tasteful arrangments. Hallalouja! This may include utlizing foraged greenery or flowers clipped from your garden or the roadside. Less is really more these days and few stems is all the better. The more modest the arrangments the more the other elements in your office design, event space or wedding can really show off. For example, if a building or venue has nice architectural features single stems or toned down arrangments will amp up the space and overall feel! 

Queen Protea in Washington D.C. With Christy Griner Hulsey and American Grown Flowers


Colorful Arrangement With Pink Coral and White Protea



Proteas with their exquisite colors and unique aesthetic are more popular than ever. In fact, I'd say the protea is living it's best life right now! It can stand alone or be a focal flower in a statement arrangement. The nice thing about protea is that they dry well and can be used for years to come as a dried flowers. 

Grapefruit and Rose Botanical Ketal One Cocktail

Botanical Cocktails

Edible flowers are super on-trend righ now so why not infuse plants into every component of your event design? The cocktails can tie in your brand or business ideas into the space and communicate the goal of the event -- your guest will surely remember the aroma and the taste, too! You can use fresh sprigs from a mint plant (or have you seen the Ketal One Botanical Grapefruit & Rose Spritz with fresh petals??) to update your typical refreshments into photo-op ready works of pure art. 

Greenery and Flowers Suspended Luxury Floral DEsign

Suspended Luxury Flowers and Plants in Atlanta, Georgia

Suspended Flowers & Plants

Take your brand space or venue space UP a notch with suspended designs! Instead of relying on counter space or tables elevate things with hanging strands of geenery or platforms with overhaning vines or greens. It's a great way to soften an industrial space or business or venue space that is stuffy or cold. Elevated designs can also give the illusion of more space, which can important for limite areas. 

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