What Guests REALLY Notice in Your Home

Does the word "guest" put you in a tizzy? Caught yah. Already thinking about cleaning to spotless and getting the To-Do list fired up! The truth is you don't really have to sweat the small stuff because it's not whether you baseboards are clean, or you've created a floral masterpiece for the door. Get these things down and you'll have happy guest every time. 

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What Guests REALLY Notice When They Visit

When it comes to building up your confidence to say "come on over," we are here to help. The idea of prepping your house for company can be daunting if you think about spending the whole day decorating and cleaning because, honestly, ain't nobody got time for that. 

1. Basic Amenities 

Make sure you have the basics like shampoo, soap, fresh towels and toilet paper. You don't have to worry about the quality, though you know we like, too! People mainly notice if you have it, or not. The tip here is to just make sure you have some. 

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2. Clutter

A lack of clutter is a goal when having guests over because our brains detect clutter instantly. So what, you don't have time to deep clean? Just focus on organizing the clutter. Get a basket for each room and corral all the tidbits and odds and ends like, mail, papers, remotes, charging cords - in one place. Guests in your home feel more relaxed in a space that seems organized --- even it you don't live that way in real life. It's time to put on a show.


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3. A Well-Stocked Bar

The first thing you should offer guests a drink. It doesn't have to be fancy or full service or even high-dollar. Cover your basics and as soon as your greet your guests go ahead an doffer a cocktail, beer or wine. 


4. Fresh Flowers 

No matter the occasion, flowers are the only decoration your house ever really needs. A fancy centerpiece is not required. To go easy on the pocketbook buy fresh flowers from the grocery or florist, or pick a few from your yard or roadside. It's okay to use bud vases or small pots for your flowers. They may look delicate but if they are fresh they will last a long time and be well worth the investment. 


5. The Overall Vibe 

People get the mood right away like, is it casual or formal, the energy and the smell. The vibe is detected intentionally and non-intentionally. Depending on the tone and amount of space feel free to add in things to make people feel relaxed and comfortable whether it's an umbrella stand, coat rack or plant. The little things will make a big difference. 


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