When Is It Time To Decorate for Halloween?

When Is It Time To Decorate for Halloween?

Here's a suggested a timeline for putting up pumpkins, ghosts, and other favorite fall decorations for the season. 


You can start planning as early as August-- if you like to get really into Halloween like we do because by September we are ready to decorate inside and out! Visualize with me, harvest themes, pumpkin motifs, gourds, and fall leaves. 


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Hold On Until It's Cool 

The first two weeks of October are the most popular time to start decorating for Halloween. But, I know from delivering our decorations here in Atlanta that some people start earlier. And, you can! It's okay to begin as early as late September if it's crisp and cool outside. It seems like most people are inspired to start bringing out the cob webs by a shift in weather. 

There is no hard and fast rule and there's a level of time and difficulty that is higher when you are crafting your own decor. Personally, I shoot for October first to bring out the Witch's hat. But, I can't lie. It is the last week of September as I type this and I do already have a set of 3 Corrugated Ghosts in the front yard. 

Black Cat Halloween Lanterns

Credit: The 20 Best Outdoor Halloween Decorations To Haunt Your Porch Decorations To Haunt Your Home This October, www.thepioneerwoman.com 

Watch Your Neighborhood

Let your neighbors set the tone as it's etiquette say to treat others like you would like tone treated. Spooky sounds and flashing lights can be troublesome and a nuisance especially when on after dark, so keep these to a minimum and wait to put out alongside your neighbors. 

Best Faux Pumpkins

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Warm Climates Can Be Tricked Out With Faux 

Here  in the south or a warmer climate you can begin decor with faux pumpkins and then move to fresh ones the middle to late part of October to avoid squishy, rotten, squashy pumpkins. I keep a beautiful selection of pumpkins in our shop just for this. You can shop our GOURDgess line up, here


Credit: Our 31 Best Outdoor Halloween Projects, www.marthastewart.com


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Scaled To Spook

Finally, when determining your timeline you need to consider your scale of Halloween decorations. Friends and neighbors are more prone to enjoy your coffin oozing with dry ice in late October than say, mid August (lol!). Keep the larger items until later and put out smaller items like mum planters and fall wreaths earlier. 


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