Colonial House of Flowers Guide To The Best Artificial Plants That Don't Look Fake

Colonial House of Flowers Guide To The Best Artificial Plants That Don't Look Fake

Despite your best efforts somtimes live plants become dead plants, even though growing plants is trendier than ever. Faux plants -- artificial plants, silk foliage, or whatever you like to call them -- offer a solution for the black thumb club because they don't turn yellow or outgrow their pots and they never need watering or fertlizing. They're child and pet safe. All they need is a little dusting! 

Like living plants, artificial foliage make an aesthetic welcoming and vibrant. If you choose quality faux then know one will know the difference especially if you display using a sturdy plant stand or quality basket. 

Over the years we have bound that plants that naturally have firm, waxy leaves are excellent choices for faux foliage options because they look natural. An example of a good small faux opotions are succulents or an agave plant. Lemon, olive and ficus trees and monstera plants are examples of large faux options. 

Artificial plants can be a viable solution for floor, tabletop, outdoor and succulent plants. Check out a few we recommend below. 


Artificial Lemon Tree

Park Hill Lemon Tree

Go big or go home! Lemon trees naturally grow outside or inside while adding a whimsical touch to any space. With creative potting guests will feel as warm as the Mediterranean sunshine! This 28"L x 28"W x 48"H tree comes in a growers pot for added authenticity. Pick up or have one shipped to you from Colonial House of Flowers

Artificial Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Green Plant

Kalalou Fiddle Leaf Fig 

Brighten any corner of your home or apartment or office with the naturally beautiful, realistic greenery in this statement tree. Fiddle Leaf Fig trees, real and faux, are popular for good reason. Add a basket or paper wrap for an extra touch of whimsy to this 36" plant. Pick up or get this green plant shipped to you, here.

Green Boxwood Wall

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Artificial Boxwood Squares for Faux Plant Wall

Mills Boxwood Square

Designed to withstand outdoor use, the lush realistic faux boxwood squares are the perfect way to customize any space with some extra greenery. The leaves of this lifelike boxwood item are UV stable and weather resistant. Combine these 12" x 12" squares with a 4' x 8' faux boxwood roll to cover larger areas in this leafy green decor piece.  These are great to construct step and repeat structures, artificial backdrops or faux plant walls for corporate events, branding, office  and showroom designs and wedding parties. Pick up or have them shipped to your door from Colonial House of Flowers in Atlanta, Georgia


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