4 of the Best Reasons to Grow Your Brand With Plants

4 of the Best Reasons to Grow Your Brand With Plants

Let's be honest: getting a new plant at the office is pretty exciting! Whether it's a Swiss cheese, cactus, succulent or zz plant it's a good choice. Since I'm being honest, real and artificial green plants go a long way when it comes to bringing interest, happiness, excitement and warmth to a work environment while building your brand. 

Here are 4 reasons I think plants are a great way to build your brand. 



1. Plants Increase Social Media Presence 

There has been a dramatic increase in plant sales in recent years that's largely due to plant popularity on digital platforms. It is simple. People like to to share plant pictures. In fact, using plants to drive traffic on social media is so effective that there is even a niche called plant influencers. I mean, seriously! You can read about plant influencers, here

Your brand can easily be shared all thanks to a very strategically (or humbly) placed sprout of green. Real and artificial plants are both important pieces in the social media plant craze and can be a numbers driven tool to build your brand online. 



2. Plants Increase Creativity, Productivity and Attendance 

Statistics show that office plants increase productivity by 15%+. Plants improve memory retention and one study showed that even they reduce symptoms like concentration, dry skin and fatigue by 25%. This effect contributes exceeds the goal of reaching an overall aesthetic as it develops the ROI while strengthing of your brand to employees, clients and guests. 

It's not just small offices that are using plants in small ways these days. Think big business using nature in big ways. For example, when Apple announced plans for its Silicon Valley campus, the designs involved planting almost 9,000 trees. Plus, in Amazon’s Seattle headquarters, there are “spheres” of more than 40,000 plants from around the world.

Locally, Art & Associates partnered with Colonial House of Flowers to creatively install a plant wall in a new lab at Coca Cola Company Atlanta headquarters. See the photos above. It's refreshing! 



3. Plants Build a Branding Color Story

Color compositions are important when it comes to building and maintaining a brand. Plants are a tool to reinforce your brand's color story. From container selection to the materials (like rocks and moss) to the foliage and blooms, plants effortlessly build a powerful color story to enhances everything from the awareness to recognition of your business brand. 

A color story can be reached organically, with artificial plants or with a combination of real and faux botanicals. 

Our favorite color blocking combinations for offices are: 

  • Lime Green: Neon Pothos, Lemon Lime Warneckii, Lime Janet Craig, Succulents 
  • Red: Anthurium, Lipstick, Bromeliad, Cyclamen, Azalea, Kalanchoe      
  • White: Peace Lily, Orchids, Cyclamen, Kalanchoe, Mum, Azalea    
  • Yellow: Song of India, Bromeliad, Kalanchoe, mum
  • Blue: Blue Tango Bromeliad, Tillandsia
  • Pink: Tillandsia, Cyclemen, Azalea, Kalanchoe 



4. Plants Make Great Corporate Gifts 

Green solutions are a branding tool when it comes to corporate gifting. Choose a plant that in line with your brand's color, values, symbols and overall aesthetic. Plants fit in the budget, look good on office desks, reflect growth and prosperity and symbolize values like your business. Plants are an easy gifts and can be quite impressive especially with branded packaging. Plants help a company's carbon footprint and add to the popular topics of sustainability and climate change. 

Here in Atlanta, Colonial House of Flowers delivers weekly plant compositions to The Front Porch Market of Vinings that can be purchased for gifts (see an example below). We also create and deliver corporate plant gift plans for businesses. 



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