Suites With Style That Give You Something To Love About Calligraphy & Stationary

Suites With Style That Give You Something To Love About Calligraphy & Stationary

I know you know... stationary sets the stage for everything. It's often the first glimpse a client or guest will hold in their hands when it comes to meeting you or joining your event. So you must give them something to love! The designers and options are endless from quick fixes you do yourself to extravagant luxe and couture designs. My advice is to save yourself the headache - get the help of an expert that can guide you through the entire process. Then you can go do something else, like hey! flowers! 

There are so many details in a suite from ink color, to calligraphy style, fonts, folding, edges, items, paper, printing... you understand. So today, we're sharing a inspiration from a pro: Meagan Tidwell Design. With absolutely beautiful work to be found on so many projects, we will start by sharing the branding project she created for Colonial House of Flowers.

When I come across an artist I love looking at their blog posts and portfolio. I noticed that Meagan has a design style that is all her own. Every time I see her work, I love the art I see that includes classic touches with an abundance of whimsy on richly created papers. 

Meagan Gibson came to me through a referral Joy Thigpen Flower Workshop I went to down at Serenbe. I explained at the class that I was looking to rebrand an old-school flower shop. Several people whom I highly admired like Lauren Weems and Joy Hoffman spoke a lot of Meagan whom had worked at OnceWed

Take a peek below at the paper goods she created for us along with some of my favorite pieces in her portfolio. She as a delicate, quite-magical touch that make everything from rocks to paper little pieces of art. Look and see if you agree that she has that special touch.  




These next designs found on OH SO BEAUTIFUL PAPER are ones that I think capture Meagan's unique talent for making mundane things like rocks and leaves romantic and pretty.

BROWN CALLIGRAPHY ON LEAVES Calligraphy on rocksClassic Calligraphy with Plants place cards

The photos below are featured on Design Work Life who describes the work of Meagan Tidwell Design as "soft, light, airy." I agree. Don't you? 

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