See How It Went: Christmas Holiday Flower Centerpieces Deliveries around Atlanta

See How It Went: Christmas Holiday Flower Centerpieces Deliveries around Atlanta

They always say "the more, the merrier" and that's exactly how it felt this Christmas Eve, Eve. 

colorful luxury flower centerpiece Avalon Alpharettan atlanta blue dining nook

I was having a tough time getting into that deep holiday spirit mode that I am used to and love so much. My children's school, Saint Francis High School, kept the kids longer than most. Some of our traditions like Santa and Elf on the Shelf have lost their luster. Work schedule was packed. Though, I have to say that I ABSOLUTELY LOVED moonlighting with Atlanta Planters and all of the Colonial House of Flowers wreath workshops. 

mayesh flower cooler empty yellow buckets

I was preparing for three centerpieces that'd been ordered and looking for some serious holiday inspiration and jolly-fever. The flower coolers were empty that week (see what I mean above). I'd lost my mojo when I happened to post on my personal Facebook pages something that I never have before: an invitation to order a Christmas centerpiece. And whoa! What a response... friends that I would love to see in person wanted my luxe bloom centerpieces. The absolute jump start that I really needed to get the Christmas-spirit mojo back and going! 

personal post centerpiece ad for Atlanta on Facebook

We all know the saying “the more, the merrier” – and that’s exactly what these holiday floral numbers brought to the table. Sometimes just a dozen isn’t enough to satisfy a good flower craving, which is why I tripled the stem count! That’s right, these luxury flower arrangements were just filled to the brim with poinsettia, thistle, garden roses, orchids, ranuculus, peonies, tulips and even MORE! Plus, I tacked in garlands of felt lights, dried oranges, gold bells and ornaments. 

Tesla loaded with colorful pink blue yellow luxury flower centerpieces atlanta

uga dog in centerpiece

From Buckhead, Atlanta, Avalon, Alpharetta, Milton, Roswell to Cumming with my husband Brian agreed to drive while I hopped out, delivered and hugged my people!

It was wonderful. Why have I never thought of it before?

A few of the people on the list were folks that I haven't seen in real life in years. It was so much fun for example, to see Annemarie Herman my sorority sister and roommate from UGA. We realized the last time we'd seen each other in person was at our weddings! What a shame. And, how wonderful it is that flowers connect me to my favorite people. 

blond suburban woman holding luxury centerpiece in Milton atlanta

two smiling women holding luxury flower centerpiece in cumming atlanta

I loved seeing my friends Becky Wallis, Jaime Cromley, Ann Dodd and Kristen White, too. I love all the clients on my list but it felt extra special to see my life long friends on this special night of the year. And, to think before I made that post on Facebook that I had been luster-less. 

colorful luxury garden rose ranunculus berry centerpiece in alpharetta Avalon atlanta by Christy Griner Hulsey

I am grateful for my friends and family, everyone who supports me and for flowers. Thank you for another great Christmas holiday season. It is one for the books! 


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