Happy April + Easter Cross in Historic Roswell

Happy April + Easter Cross in Historic Roswell

Happy Friday! Last week, I was interviewed for the Entrepreneurial Stories on Go Solo.  I also learned from my sweet friend Alissa Vickery (who I met from the Women of UGA Alumni) that the living centerpiece. I donated to Whitefield Academy's Legends 2022 Auction was well received. I feel fun and fancy, special and pleased all at the same time. Now, I'm READY for the weekend and to slow down my work a little bit. But, it's whew it's still strong! 

Interview With Christy Griner Hulsey
You'll love all the questions perfectly asked by Go Solo.
See the honest answers in the full interview.  


Plant Terrarium made by Colonial House of Flowers in Atlanta
Made an open terrarium  for Alissa and her beautiful
school in Smyrna...happy to make one for you!
Or, teach you in a workshopto make one yourself.
Contact me, here

Terrarium Plant Delivery to College Football Hall of Fame in Downtown Atlanta, Georgia  

Two weekends back, my mom, sister and niece came to visit us in Roswell, Georgia (just north of Atlanta). They like to keep things casual and enjoy doing things together so I figured I'd put them to work. Why not?!  They helped me collect blooms and greenery for an Easter cross placed downtown at Roswell United Methodist Church (one of my favorite places!). It was pretty magical...

The cross was made entirely of flowers shared by the community with sections left open for people to place their own flowers on Easter Sunday in memory of loved ones. The cross is interactive and serves as a great photo opportunity, too. 

This church which started in small log cabin has been around for over 175 years. But it's only the first year I have helped with the Easter cross. They do an amazing job of including people and making folks feel welcome. And, at events and gatherings there's often have a place to take photos like this where there's a pretty background and it doesn't feel awkward. I feel lucky to have played such a big role in this tradition. And, I loved every second of working on it with my family and members of the community. We were able to collect the flowers from peoples yards and one lady's mailbox since I'm being honest she gave us the flowers her boyfriend sent her. 

It's truly a sight to be seen and now one of my favorite traditions each spring! It was wonderful to be a part of it in such a creative way. 

Foraged Flower Easter Cross in Historic Roswell, Georgia made by Christy Griner Hulsey and Colonial House of Flowers


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