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Houseplants in Atlanta. Here's a few of my favorite places to find them.

Houseplants aren't just beautiful—they’re a health booster, too.

When it comes to houseplants the benefits are endless. For starters, most plants release oxygen during the day and others like the succulents and orchids we love: at night. More, the humidity created by plants decreases sore throats, dry coughs and dry skin so plants make people feel better. Plus plants cleanse the air when they remove chemicals like formaldehyde and carbon monoxide. posted an article (10 Sculptural Houseplants That Add Character to Any Space) that states "Experts at Texas A&M University discovered that patients tasked with taking care of plants experience a significantly reduced recovery time after medical procedures. They can even help us work better: A University of Michigan study concluded that, when you are surrounded by plants, your memory retention can go up by up to 20 percent."

In fact, the very ritual of taking care of houseplants is therapeutic, Tiana Florence, owner of Botanical Safari, told Atlanta Magazine. Tiana has a plant shop in Douglasville and at Phipps Plaza. She should be trusted when she says, “It’s a type of self-care.”

Houseplants 101

Credit: Keep Basic Houseplants Alive With These Tips, Architectural Digest

Beyond indoor plants being good for us—they are impactful when it comes to elevating a space so they are important in interior design for homes, brands and businesses. I have seen plants transform a space with serious structural drama and visual interest. A great example is at AmericasMart in Atlanta showrooms where you can see plants as wall mounting art and large trees that form a canopy overhead and eency-sized cactuses in small vases that jazz up bookshelves

If you are looking to expand your botanical selection Atlanta and the metro area has some gorgeous shops to help you on your journey whether you're an interior decorator, showroom merchandiser, business, brand, or an ordinary person who needs a plant friend. Read on to discover some local spots to get you going. I mean, GROWING!




The Front Porch Market - Vinings

Lisa Rieves started the quaint shop The Front Porch of Vinings in 2015 where the front steps read “Every so often, go where you can hear a screen door slam shut." Known for making you feel welcome, it takes you back to simpler time that remind me of my own childhood. And our own original Colonial House of Flowers shop like where people know your name and you run into neighbors. 

Lisa, who owns the land and is a resident of the Vinings in Atlanta, takes pride in choosing all the items in the shop including the plants. We are honored to say that Colonial House of Flowers delivers original indoor plant compositions weekly... also offers orchid, moss and terrarium plantings by commission through The Front Porch Market. 

The Victorian Plant Shop in Atlanta Georgia


The Victorian Plant Shop in Atlanta, Georgia  

See The Victorian Atlanta on Instagram, here.

The Victorian Atlanta 

The Victorian Atlanta moved to Fourth Ward mixed-use development on North Angier Avenue near Historic Fourth Ward Park after opening in Ponce City Market plant shop in 2017. What makes this outpost cool? For one it's a husband-and-wife-owned shop. You can find exotic cacti, plus soil, pots and accessories. They also have an East Atlanta Village Location.  Read more about this creative, modern plant shop in Atlanta Magazine, here.

Shades of Green South Atlanta Plant Shop


 Pink Plant Cart in Atlanta, Georgia


Nourish Botanica 

You'll find this adorable South Atlanta plant shop in Summerhill. The mission of this black woman owned shop is to provide healing through art, flowers and plants that are grown in their greenhouse, food as medicine and herbal blends. 

Botanical Safari Plant Shop in Atlanta, Georgia


Botanical Safari 

Offerings like a “new plant parent” bundle—a potted six-inch snake plant, ZZ (Zamioculcas zamiifolia), and pothos ($50)—plus accessories like organic plant food and moisture meters make this a great location to get your botanicals revved up. Black and female owned by Tiana Florence, Botanical Safari specializes in houseplants in two locations: Douglasville and Buckhead. In the interview Hidden Gems: Meet Tiana Florence of Botanical Safari featured in, Tiana says "We carry an array of indoor plants, rare plants and plant paraphernalia. We offer plant consultations, plant workshops and plant installations to individuals and businesses... We love working with our plant parents." 


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