It was a Loooong Weekend!

It was a Loooong Weekend!

I love everything about a holiday weekend. It just seems special to have an extra day off. School's out for our children but some may still be going, either way every body gets a bonus Monday for a break and that's good reason to feel good. I hope you had something fun planned and you did something with your people. I did! We kept it low-key this year at home while my cousin, Mackie, came to visit my daughter and I while in town to get her car serviced. It reminded me of my childhood working on projects that you may (or may not) want to be working on with family, friends and flowers. Then taking it easy and relaxing after the work to make it all worth it! My husband and son went out of town so this weekend is for the girls! If you want something fun to see, here are a few pics and links from the weekend...  


At Tesla, they put in a deep front trunk (frunk) and a rear trunk. I love this! 

Lush centerpiece in metal oblong planter. Yes.

Visit Cherokee Town & Country Club, Atlanta, Georgia

P.S. The grounds of this town & country club are still one of my favorites.

I’m letting this girl make all my mechanical decisions for me, forever more.

I am sensing a plant season this year. I'm into it this spot in Virigina Highlands. How about you? 


Working with my friend Ann Dodd (Ann Williamson Art) is fun. 


Anybody else liking this turquoise cachepot from Abigails? 

Churches are amazing. This one supports place like The Drake House, North Fulton Community Charities and Hope for Grieving Children in our community. 

If you’re looking for a one stop place to dine, my daughter, my cousin and I loving this restaurant in Roswell. 


P.S. Yellow linen summer floor cushion pillow here! Red stripe cushion here

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