Flower People & Florists From Around The World Who Are Creating Sustainably

Flower People & Florists From Around The World Who Are Creating Sustainably

Bouquets, centerpieces, and installations comprised of more sustainable  flower cuts and mechanics make the most of freshness and the environment. 

Here, meet the top sustainable flower people and florists making the most out of the best sustainability practices in the world.  

When it comes to sustainability, things are improving from what once-was in the the floral and agriculture industries. There are more possibilities when it comes to sustainable practices, education, tools and acceptance.  Plus, there are also incredibly influential sustainable florists who are changing the industry one petal at at time.  

Sustainable Floristy

1. Keeping The Plot, Scotland

The Scottish florist Sarah Hunter, owner of Keeping the Plot is known for  exquisitely casual arrangements that offer sustainably grown, seasonal, local flowers. Growing according to organic principles, they continually improve the soil and encourage a healthy microorganism population and are focused on enhancing the local habitat provisions for wildlife and are meant to celebrate the natural beauty of its produce. They offer flower arrangement buckets with stems delivered to your house from flower fields in Fife along with instructions on how to arrange them.

According to Thursd.com, "She's known as one of the most sustainable florists around the world because her company belongs to Flowers from the Farm, a non-profit cooperative of British cut-flower growers that supports modest farmers who adhere to organic practices in order to promote a healthy microorganism population."

Sustainable autumn, yellow white and orange luxe floral installation by Colonial House of Flowers at the Swan House in Atlanta, Georgia (credit: Ash Simmons Photography

Living Jewelry Classes Taught by Christy Hulsey

Students in a Living Jewelry and Wearable Flower Classes led by Christy Griner Hulsey at the Atlanta Botanical Garden admire their pieces made with succulents. You can book your Living Jewelry Class, here

Credit: Linden Tree Photography 

2. Colonial House of Flowers, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

I am very fond of my team at Colonial House of Flowers and proud of our age old commitment to sustainability I just can't go without mentioning it. I am not proud of everything we've done but one thing I think we do very well is keep it sustainable and pretty. Once when we had the flower shop we made an earnest attempt to become a certified zero waste floral shop.

We are known for celebrating the best of the season with moody, rich, raw and naturally inspired, organic design styles and practices that are often foraged and collected. When I was the Mayesh Design Star a few years ago I tried my best to share these thoughts while leading a series of workshops around the United States that included demonstrations of how easy it is to use things like chicken wire, pine straw and other materials. I am lucky for other industry leaders who shared information with me and my Grandmother taught me lots of these things many years ago.  Colonial House of Flowers offers sustainable floral installations for businesses and events, workshops and orchid, plant and succulent deliveries.

Wild at Heart Florist Sustainable
Credit: The Sustainable Florists To Know, www.whistles.com 


3. Wild at Heart, Londen, UK

All orders at Wild at Heart are wrapped with recyclable and biodegradable packaging overflowing with fresh cuts from the flower fields of British growers. Founder Nikki and her team are dedicated to the creative journey, from the first mood boards to the final arrangements and every detail is always carefully considered.


Credit: Saipua's Wild Abandon, www.flowermag.com

4. Saipua, Brooklyn, New York, USA 

Founded in 2006, Saipua, is located in Brooklyn, New York, with their Farm at Worlds End located in upstate New York. The farm is 107 acres. "We grow flowers on about three acres, and the rest is for the animals—Icelandic sheep and our brood of Black Laced Wyandottes, Buff Orpingtons, and Araucana chickens," the founder (Sarah Ryhanen) says. 

Saipua cultivates a floral style that celebrates the exquisite and ephemeral and natural and relentless bounty of nature and the earth. Her commitment to sustainability, honesty and transparency is remarkable and influential throughout our industry.

Read more about this artist in Flower Magazine's, Saipua's Wild Abandon



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