A Few Seasonal Summer Centerpiece Ideas That You'll Want To Steal

A Few Seasonal Summer Centerpiece Ideas That You'll Want To Steal

There's so much to love about a summer soiree! The natural backdrop and weather are delicious not to mention the extra long hours of daylight. The greatest thing about summer to me? The FLOWERS, of course! There's something nostalgically magical about beautiful centerpieces overflowing with seasonal flowers that sure to grab your guests interest and welcome them warmly. 

Seasonal Summer Flowers 

Using florals and botanicals that are in-season are budget friendly and add a sense of time and place to your event. Here are a few summertime varieties that I like: 

  • Sunflowers
  • Hydrangeas
  • Orchids
  • Cornflowers
  • Daisies
  • Rosemary
  • Roses
  • Peonies
  • Dahlias
  • Zinnias

Take a look at these arrangements of gorgeous, seasonal, summer  inspiration.

1. Potted Plants


photo by Charla Storey

One of my favorite options are tables capes with runners of understated potted plants, like Cezanne Floral as done in this setting. Potted plants offer a whimsical, garden party aire that's easy to prepare. There's no need for processing flowers or even cutting anything. Potted plants and succulents also serve as a take home gift for showers. I have lots of plants to recommend for this look. You can shop, our shop at colonialhouse.net for options like rosemary, pansies, and more! 


2. Classic Summer  

If a polished, classic look is what you are going for hold on to this concept by Colonial House of Flowers. A cheerful mix of cream, pale yellow oranges and greens make this a traditional compote centerpiece. This arrangement will be right at home on your table top, and you can get a compote to design your arrangement-in at Colonial House of Flowers

Couples planning polished, classic weddings should bookmark this idea by Kate Asire. A stunning mix of cream, pale yellow, and barely-there orange rose varieties defined this traditional compote centerpiece. The arrangement was right at home on this paisley-clad tabletop, which was designed by Upstate I Do.


photo by Sarah Deshaw

3. Modern Succulents

You'll find this arrangement we created in Saint Simons, Georgia to be a stunning modern and stunning centerpiece. The experts at Viola's Market We used hens & chicks, flap jacks and other plants with mood moss in a cement planter by Pottery Barn

4. Pink Nautical


photo by Kelli Boyd Photography


The first color story that comes to mind when you think of nautical is navy and blue. You can add an unexpected twist by focusing on other seaside elements like an this organic, pink-centric Colonial House of Flowers composition that's composed of several beach inspired blooms with the base mauve tones resembling anemones, the light behive ginger patterns eluding to fish scales, the cream ranunculus hinting to the wave crests and the navy blue privet berries a reminder of the blue ocean water. 



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