Thoughtful Employee Gifting: Elevating The Workplace Spirit With Plants

Thoughtful Employee Gifting: Elevating The Workplace Spirit With Plants

Employee gifting is an important time-honored tradition that give employers a unique chance to express appreciation and boost moral. In addition to the material value of the gift, is an expression of gratitude for the collective hardwork and enthusiasm that propels your company forward. The holiday season with all it's sense of camaraderie, giving and warmth is almost here. Whether you are a corporation or small business, this it the perfect time to celebrate your team's efforts. 


Let me suggest: plants! 

I believe in thoughtful presents (especially living ones) as a way to express gratefulness and boost moral. At Colonial House of Flowers we are experts in blooming gifts for people and businesses in the Atlanta area. In this guide I am sharing the significance of employee gifting. 


Know the Importance of Employee Gifts

Employee plants have the ability to create an atmosphere of solidarity in the workplace, increase job satisfaction and boost moral. For these reasons, the expense of holiday gifting is quickly out matched by the return. The beauty of giving a living gift like a desk top succulent for instance, is that it lives after the holiday season as a reminder of genuine appreciation for their commitment to your organization. We encourage you to contact Colonial House of Flowers for a diverse offering of ideas. Employee gifting is a great thank you for the countless hours someone has put in throughout the year than with a thoughtful gift during the holidays. It makes people feel valued. 


Make Gift Personal to Preference 

Employee gifting can be customized to interests and preferences. By tailoring presents the gesture of giving is amplified. Picture a branding team where every member is valued for their individuality. If a manager offers individualized gifts in line with passions than employees feel known and understood in comparison to a generic gift given to everyone. Plants make great individualized gifts. For instance, a similar container to represent your business can be used for everyone. Using the same container offers cohesion but the style and care level of the plant inside the container can be different. Maybe a coffee lover receives a coffee plant, a financial advisor a money plant, or a black thumb-er gets a faux plant -- all in the same container with your logo on the outside or on a tag. Togetherness and camaraderie is fostered with customization. 


Practical Gift Ideas that are Thoughtful
Thoughtful gifts portray your understanding of an individual's personality. It's important to blend practicality with sincerity. The best of both these can be achieved using plants as gifts because they show that you are considerate of the recipients preferences while giving something that is practical in their everyday lives today and in the future. Whether real or artificial a plant can quickly become a heartfelt reminder of your relationship with your team. 

Grows Appreciation 

Employee gifting is a symbol of gratitude during a season of appreciation. This is as important now as every in our world of cluttered schedules and noisy calendars. Whether it is living jewelry, a desk top orchid or green office plant, giving plant gifts to corporate and small business teams offers a bridge between an employee's personal and professional life and makes them feel appreciated. 


A vibrant workspace is empowered through creativity and appreciation. During this holiday season, let's celebrate accomplishments and incubate the bonds the shape our teams and bring us together by giving living gifts that will last throughout the season. Let's GROW your marketing efforts and give something that will help you achieve your goals throughout the year. We recommend plants as presents for your teams this year.
We'd love to create a giving plan(t) for you! 

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