Three Reasons I'm Attending January 2022 Atlanta Market At AmericasMart

Three Reasons I'm Attending January 2022 Atlanta Market At AmericasMart

From recently-affianced pet accessories to room decor to garden chairs to flower vases to farmhouse plant pots to urban lamps that'll have you getting excited for your refreshing renovations and parties, these are some of the things families - women, men, young and old -  have loved ever since opened in 1968. And not going to lie, we L-O-V-E them too! 

A big part of finding things as a retailer that invigorates our clients and keeps our customers fascinated is heading to Atlanta, Georgia every year for as long as we can remember. 2022 will be the best one yet. I am going and I think you should, too.


3 reasons you want to be at this year's Market at AmericasMart!

What not to miss at the Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market in JanuaryCREDIT: JEFF WOLK, ATLANTA MAGAZINE



1. Rediscover More of Everything

January Market is our first peek at what will be trending in 2022. There is something special about the experience of the bright colors, over the top displays and the feeling of realizing my next best seller. There will be over 8,000 brands across all product categories from home décor, lighting, seasonal, table top, floral and every day gifting. 

My goal at market each year is to discover something. After the hiatus and well, pivot, the pandemic brought for Colonial House of Flowers and for me, I feel like my goal this time is the same but different. I am going to say re-discover. I look forward to the peace and ease and excitement of the thoughtfully curated environment where there are sales reps to answer questions and displays to photograph and inspire at America's Mart. 

The Atlanta Journal Constitution wrote that between the pandemic delays and the limits economic concern put on attendance the show last year was just one fifth of its normal 50,000 attendance. It is true! I felt it.

This year I am open to not necessarily discovering something new but perhaps, rediscovering a trusted brand (who may not have been there in full force last year) in a way that can continue with the new direction our shop is taking into lifestyle and interiors. 


Glitterville at America's Mart Atlanta Market


Park Hill Collection Showroom


Park Hill Collection employee Miguel Garcia tends to a Christmas tree in their AmericasMart showroom in Atlanta, August 14, 2020.


2. Reconnect With Brands And People

Atlanta Market overflows with influencers, retail experts, other shop owners and floral designers, media and manufacturers in January. I look forward to re-connecting with them through the educational seminars, awesome demonstrations, networking events, parties and cocktails.  

There's something special about the sho America's Mart puts on at the first of the year. There's always a rock star riser of social media super stars, design influencers, celebrity chefs and more! 

This summer I fell in love with Glitterville Studios at the July market. Afraid of what the year would hold for retail I hesitated from placing an order. I would like to re-connect with this vendor and a few others to consider bringing them into the shop. 


kalalou Showroom at Furniture, Lighting & Decor CREDIT: KALALOU SHOWROOM, FURNITURE LIGHTING & DECOR


Yellow Blue Green Tan Velvet Lunbar Decorative Pillows for Home & Garden DecorSHOP VELVET LUNBAR BLUE, YELLOW, GREEN AND MAUVE PILLOWS


3. Get Reinspired 

Market is magical. Imagine what we will find this year when we meet the makers and find out the backstories. I went to Atlanta Market last year but with everything tamped down it felt like something was missing.  I love the colorful displays, the rooms full of people, the bustling corridors and elevators and the cocktails. Doesn't everyone love the cocktails?

I came home from Atlanta Market last time excited about Kalalou who is a wholesale home décor resource for industrial furniture, lighting, pendants, wall décor, coastal, holiday, ceramics, metal décor, wood décor. Guess what? That inspiration let to us introducing this line of the most unique, fun, and fascinating products (like the velvet pillows pictured above) to our store over the summer. I am grateful it has worked out very well. 

I feel like the splendor of the show will be inspiring enough to keep me motivated throughout 2022. Though I find inspiration in every day, I really feel like my spirit needs igniting with new direction, fervor and commitment. I am looking forward to the uplifting heartening stir a good AmericasMart brings. 


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