Why We Give Roses on Valentine's Day Featuring My Favorite Variety of Them All: the Finally Rose grown by Rosaprima

Red Roses

Brunette Woman in linen apron holding Red Roses at Colonial House of Flowers

Brunette Woman in linen apron holding Red Roses at Colonial House of Flowers

I'm not going to lie- I have a crush on long stem red roses (how could you not?!), and I may or may not have been absolutely dreaming of a job as a farmer, staying right there and living and growing flowers in South America when I visited the Rosaprima farm in Ecuador a few years ago. Sadly, however, I'm sitting right here writing about roses from my desk in Atlanta, Georgia in the states as Rosaprima farm gets ready for Valentine's Day (just two months away). The only thing that comforts me? These gorgeous red rose bouquets and what better way to start the season than with season than by sharing these gorgeous images from my friend Katrina Barrow Photography

There is so much that makes a rose special, actually. The flower's vibrant history and high market demand make it popular with a lot of people for a lot of things especially at Valentine's Day. Today, roses are found in bloom for holidays, anniversaries, weddings year around.

Red roses have stood the test of time largely because of their strong symbolism that represents beauty, love, romance, even politics across cultures.

Even though the cultivation of this garden variety dates back over 5,000 years ago in Asia, the use of the rose in nineteenth century floriography is wha led to its popularity at Valentine's Day. During this period floral bouquets were used to deliver messages of love interest. Furthermore, the color of a traditional rose, red, represents passion. 

Red roses have remained a powerful symbol of love and passion through different cultures.They're just as energizing today as well, 5,000 years ago, since I am being honest.  The most magnetic red rose, to me, to receive and to use in floral compositions is the standard Finally rose grown by Rosaprima in the Andes mountains of Ecuador. This variety really draws you in, in the most charming way. I admire it for its large bud size and long vase life. According to their website, "Words and pictures will never fully encompass the sheer beauty and grandeur of this Rosaprima rose. Romantic, sophisticated, and sensual, Finally is undeniably the most beautiful among all red roses. With an intense crimson color that shades off to a darker tone, she speaks of love that awaits a passionate expression."
Enjoy these photos of the Finally red rose fresh from the Rosaprima farm outside of Quito. Katrina and I worked hard to give this rose what I think it deserves: artistic images that capture the nature of it's iconic and effortless, raw and moody beauty.  

Brunette Woman in linen apron holding Red Roses at Colonial House of Flowers

Brunette Woman in linen apron holding Red Roses

Girl With Linen Apron and Red Roses


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