Atlanta Floral Designer Offers Tips To Make Your Next Arrangement Using Ikebana

November 6, 2023, Atlanta, Georgia - Colonial House of Flowers is proud to announce Christy Griner Hulsey will give an Ikebana demonstration at Wildlife Arts Festival at the Thomasville Center for the Arts on November 19, 2023.


Photo Credit: MC Brownfield Photography


Christy Griner Hulsey is a natural born forager who designs with intention. 

For over a decade, this Georgia-based designer has crafted remarkable floral and botanical arrangements for everything from the First Ladies Luncheon and parties on the White House lawn to Coastal Living's Anniversary Event, the pages of magazines, innumerable parties, and at her popular Mayesh Design Star workshops all over the country. She has led a Potter Barn Succulent Workshop series at stores in the United States, given demonstrations with the USDA in Beijing, Shanghai and Kunming, China and Quito, Ecuador. 

Christy has been a constant source of inspiration along the flower journey of many. Her creations uniquely combine seasonally foraged with globally sourced materials along with her philosophies and approach to design greatly encourage many designers.

"It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful," she says. 

Now she's sharing her secrets to introducing the japanese art of Ikebana at the Thomasville Center for the Arts Wildlife Arts Festival Creative Covey Floral Workshop. "I want people to come away with an understanding of my approach to combining found nature materials to create meaningful art that is minimalistic and beautiful" says Hulsey. "Crafting with flowers and plants is very practical and do I dream to say ensures the piece you make gives back to the people and earth around-you, long after you are able." 

Growing up in the south Georgia countryside gives Hulsey a deep appreciation for nature that lends to moody, whimsical, raw and soulful creations using berries, branches, flowers, mosses and plants that are effortlessly wild and uncontrived. Her Ikebana demonstration will offer step-by-step instructions along with examples of her work. 

Christy attended the University of Georgia. She and her husband Brian, ran a flagship family flower shop in her hometown that started in1968. Christy calls Atlant, Georgia her home. She was the 2017 Mayesh Design Star and included in the annual UGA Bulldog 100 List of the Fastest Growing Businesses three times


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