Mayesh Design Star Inaugural Flower Workshop Venmo Video | Los Angeles, California

Mayesh Design Star Inaugural Flower Workshop Venmo Video | Los Angeles, California

Mayesh Design Star Flower Workshop from Mayesh Wholesale on Vimeo.

from Venmo: Come join us at a Mayesh Design Star Flower Workshop featuring Christy Hulsey of Colonial House of Flowers.

Mayesh wanted to provide an opportunity for a more personal experience and decided to take Christy on the road for a 9 city tour. This video tells the story of Mayesh's inaugural workshop, which was held in Los Angeles at FD Photo Studio, where it all started. The students had access to some of the best Japanese, Dutch and local product in the industry for their arrangements, and the end product just couldn't have been more dreamy.

Christy instructed the students on how to create their Oasis Floral florist netting structure to insert into their Accent Decor vessel. Once the vessels were prepped and ready to go, Christy shared how to utilize branches, where to place vines a.k.a. "dancers", what to do with large "real estate" blooms, how she utilizes her Design Master color tools, where to put unexpected pops of foraged blooms, and many other invaluable techniques that she has picked up over the course of her career.

After the students were finished, they headed over to the photography station where they had their arrangement photographed on a fully styled table to use in their professional portfolio. Then, Jeremy Chou, a Los Angeles based Luxury Fine Art Photographer, and Tristan Needham both gave a tutorial on photography and styling - how to always put your best foot forward with your images, and what tools have been most helpful to them in elevating their brands.

While Jeremy photographed arrangements, the students were given a few tips and tricks on utilizing Mayesh's beautiful garland as either a swag, or a bride and groom chair backer.

At the end of the day, the students were treated to a private selection of Cameron Hughes wine, and a beautifully styled gift box by Salt and Pepper Co., full of items from: Sugar Paper, HomArt, Cameron Hughes, Tocca, Sugarfina, and Accent Decor.

A special thank you to workshop sponsors:
Accent Decor -- Oasis Floral Products -- Design Master -- Rosaprima -- Ecofresh Bouquet Wraps

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In Los Angeles, Christy wore black on black featuring her signature real-life every day work dress KateSpadeNY Ponte Shift  with a V neck and capped sleeves. The classic dress lines were offset with fringe boots that gave a modern, bohemian vibe.  


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