A curated collection of objects that spark feelings of nostalgia to inspire you to create a welcoming environment. Many are exclusive antique reproductions, others are exciting contemporary finds, but all of our products are designed to create inviting living spaces with an emphasis on making a personal statement all your own.

Colonial House of Flowers has showcased Park Hill Collection for many years. There's something about the charming American primitive and rural European antiques, which many are  are exclusive antique reproductions. They satisfy a nostalgic desire for the way things used to be while including a flair for contemporary living. Park Hill Collection reminds me of how things used to be, like Grandma's house. The wide variety and unique charm of these pieces lets you create a personal statement all your own. Whether you’re looking for period charm or a style of elegant restraint, or just wanting to infuse a spirit of playfulness, you'll find it in the Park Hill Collection.

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