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A little about WORKSHOPS

Internationally and throughout the states,  Christy Griner Hulsey shares an array strategies in acclaimed floral and botanical, group and private classes for all skill levels. 

Christy works with businesses, friends, bridal parties, and brands Private classes are available in Atlanta, or in your city, covering all aspects and elements of her colorful, moody and artistic inspired garden-style, design. 

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It Doesn't Have To Be Perfect To Be Beautiful. 




Whether you are 89 or 5 years old in Thomasville, Georgia or Shanghai, China - Los Angles, Portland, Houston, New York City, Charolette, Birmingham or Atlanta -  we want you to leave with a sense of knowing you can do this, a confidence that grows within and encourages you to be YOU.  


One generations plants the trees, another gets the shade. - Chinese Proverb

 2022 - 2023 SCHEDULE NOW BOOKING FOR 2022 - 2023

  • April 2023: Atlanta, Georgia, US / How To Make Living Jewelry Demonstration Garden Club of Vinings 
  • 27 October 2022: Atlanta, Georgia, US / Great Pumpkin Carving Fest / Atlanta Botanical Garden get details, here

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Learn To Arrange Flowers with International Designer, Christy Griner Hulsey  Learn To Arrange Flowers with International Designer, Christy Griner Hulsey

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