Will you be a guest or speak at an event?
My work and family and friends keep me busy but I love the chance to engage  with an enthusiastic audience and share things I know. Since there isn't always enough free time on the calendar to do everything be sure to email us. If I can, I will be there!

Can you tell me about cool things to do and see while visiting Atlanta?
For some recommendations and my favorite things to do in Atlanta and in Georgia reach out to us via email or on social media. 

Can I sponsor content?
If your brand is a good fit and we can naturally share your service or product then we are happy to partner with brands on dedicated sponsored content. My favorite collaborations are ones that ones that are organic editorial geared to our readers -- my friends -- in a way that they can find fun, purpose, and learn something. If you'd like to partner together on content please reach out to us: 

May I send you my products?
I look forward to the reception of submissions about your product, service and work. Since I am being honest I only accept products that are a naturally good good fit for my aesthetic and that I might share. We are happy to eview your product and get back to you if it's something we'd like to use in the studio , or if it's not a good fit for us at this time.

Send submissions to: Please include: “submission” in the subject line, links to your website and social media accounts, and up to 3 images. (Do not send submissions via LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.)  

Note: Sending a sample to the Colonial House of Flowers studio doesn't guarantee that the sample is posted to CHOF's social channels

Help! I need advice about my career, brand or business! 
For freelance, speaking, workshop or demonstration inquiries, I can be reached at I get a lot of questions about the different aspects of starting a floral company, growing a brand, developing profitable and beautiful floral recipes personal branding and/or running a small business. If you are looking for authentic advice about these things I openly talk about everything I wish I knew when I started by career. 

I also created a CHOF Shop Display Collection to help you outfit your space with things I wish I'd had in my 10+ years in business. You can find a lot of things on to help your business or booth or showroom, including one-on-one sessions with me and video tutorials!

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To learn how to make your home and brand yours, check out some of the recent DIY tutorials I have been on!

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