Flowers Are Storytellers

I am lucky to have met some of the world's most talented makers, artisans, florists, designers, horticulturists, growers, farmers and entrepreneurs that make up the Colonial House of Flowers journey. I love to share what I've learned from the powerful stories they have shared. I learned so much. I enjoy encouraging others to go from zero knowledge to mastery and especially like helping business build brands by communicating and marketing with flowers and plants. 

MAYESH, Design Star Series


ROSAPRIMA, Crafting a Luxury RP Moab Wedding Bouquet 

Join us in this journey as the incredibly talented florist, Christy Hulsey of Colonial house of Flowers, reveals her secrets to crafting the most exquisite wedding bouquet with the iconic RP Moab rose. ​

Look at the Rosaprima blog to read more, 



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Christy Hulsey with Colonial House of Flowers 
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Christy Hulsey - Colonial House of Flowers
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Episode 324: Meet 2017 Mayesh Design Star Christy Hulsey of Colonial House of Flowers and Mayesh Wholesale CEO Patrick Dahlson 
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