floral design

We do our flowers in-house so that we can fully execute our vision for your event. Our approach to florals is organic, unstructured and refined. Our signature look incorporates full textured blooms, fruiting branches, and an assortment of seasonal ingredients you might find growing in nature. We create timeless sophisticated florals that transform spaces and create an experience for you and your guests. We refine your floral vision and create a custom-tailored design. We pay attention to every visual detail of your event to tell a cohesive story from start to finish, ensuring that your wedding day flower story is truly one of a kind.

workshops + presentations 

We create floral and botanical workshops and presentations for private and corporate parties. Our approach to workshops is simple: make it meaningful, hands on and fun. Each workshop is custom tailored to you, your group or your business or brand. I have presented to small rural gardens clubs and large elite organizations, around Georgia, the USA and in Quito, Ecuador and in Beijing, Shanghai, and Kunming China. I love it! 


I freelance and I really love it. Not just designing flowers, either. I love just helping bring it all together and enjoy working hard to prep, sweep, take out the trash, strike --- all the dirty work that's behind the scenes. I freelance throughout Atlanta, the south, the USA and over seas. I love to travel + I love to work and love flowers.