10 Facts About Tillandsia Air Plants with Green + Gold Floral Inspiration featured in Vale & Vine

10 Facts About Tillandsia Air Plants with Green + Gold Floral Inspiration featured in Vale & Vine


It's true: all plants are not created equal. But, plants are a must in my book and finding your plant soul mate can take a little digging. If a chic and minimal vibe is at the core of your aesthetic, look look no further! Air plants are here to bring your vision to life. Incorporating varieties like the Tillandsia into your home, work and special occasions is sure to bring moments that nobody will soon forget. 

Whether you are an avid gardener or president of the black thumb society (like me), an event planner or florist, air plants have a surprising personality that has just about everyone HEAD OVER HEELS. Since, I am asked about these unusual bromeliads  almost every day I thought it would be fun to share 10 properties about the Tillandsia with images featuring a stunning floral composition in Vale & Vine.

Every last photo by Tennessee based Abigail Malone is a sight to be seen. Don't miss the fascinating facts about this charming plant below or every single detail in the original feature.

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10 Facts About Tillandsia Air Plants with Green + Gold Floral Inspiration featured in Vale & Vine



From Vale & Vine, "Graceful, evocative, and full of heritage, this green + gold styled shoot among the ruins of South Carolina's Old Sheldon Church reminded me of why ruins hold a special place in my heart and why I think they're one of the loveliest settings for weddings.

Ruins generally offer an aesthetically appealing fusion of nature and architecture, as the structural details give way to layers of new life, much like how a marriage might look decades down the road having endured the tumult of time.  The presence of ruins reminds us that though the details and aesthetics may crumble away, a strong foundation and structural form can remain in tact and be as beautiful as ever.  Ruins remind us of the beauty that comes with imperfection, and that longevity is resplendent." 

I am a florist, a teacher, a curator and most of all, a story teller who uses flowers and plants.

If this inspires you create your own pretty things with Tillandsia I'd love to see what you make. I always remind myself, it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful. Visit our shop for items like Recycled Glass Bottle Terrariums and other open air vases and supplies like Mood Moss that we ship to you that I recommend to save money and make timeless arrangements easy and growing successful. Take lots of pictures and share them with us on Instragram and Facebook. 


Credits // Photography - Abigail Malone / Floral Design - Colonial House of Flowers / Hair + Makeup - Hair and Makeup by Haley Ann / Bridal - Ivory & Beau /  Rings - Trumpet & Horn / Ring Box - The Mrs. Box / Paper (Gold Suite) - Julia Rohde Design / Paper + Calligraphy - Simply Jessica Marie / Ribbon - Froufrou Chic / Venue - Old Sheldon Church Ruins / Photo Scans - PhotoVision //

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