Terrariums are my favorite way to bring nature and gardens of the outdoors indoors. inside my home. People often ask for my recommendations but really the possibilities are endless and only defined by the level of upkeep you'd like and the style of your home and decor.

Most of Colonial House of Flowers terrariums are open containers, which require natural light and minimal watering and drainage. Closed terrariums vessels create their own environment or mini greenhouse which is cool. The moisture is locked inside as drainage Is necessary, look at our terrarium supplies for drainage ideas. 

Succulent Workshop at Pottery Barn

A terrarium collaboration with Pottery Barn where I created a template for each store to create terrarium classes and taught in-store, in-person classes in cities around the USA like Los Angles, Portland, Houston, Atlanta, La Jolla, Detroit, and Charolette is one I look back on fondly. I consider it a highlight of my career.

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Here's a quick take:  Fill your jar or bowl terrarium with foliage plants or succulents. For a super low-maintenance garden, try pairing a hanging vessel with air plants. Remember to keep the plants in your open terrarium moist - not wet. Keep track of how quickly the soil becomes dry during the first few days to determine a misting schedule. Place a pretty stylish mister close by so you’ll always remember to water.

You can check out out tutorials and supplies in the Plant Shop  at Colonial House of Flowers