How To: DIY Baby Breath Flower Halo

How To: DIY Baby Breath Flower Halo

Add a pinch of pretty to your hair in 10 minutes with this easy How To. Want a baby's breath flower crown for your shower, photo shoot, wedding or, well anything? It's an easy accessory perfect for everything from a backyard bbq to boho wedding. Halo's can be paired with jeans, dresses, sandals or heels. Be prepared to be amazed because this is the easiest set of directions EVER. Come on. Give it a whirl! Today we're sharing how to make a baby's breath flower halo. 

*First published in 2014 with Camp Makery. Updated April 2021! 


  • Floral Wire
  • Sheers
  • 1 - 2 Bundles Baby's Breath Flowers 
  • Floral Tape

    1.  Make the base of the crown out of floral wire. Once you know how you want the wired to sit on your head - up high or down low - measure this area with the floral wire and make a circle that size. 

    The wire can be wrapped a few times and bent together for strength. Depending on the gauge of the wire, you’ll definitely want to do this if it's thin!

    2.  Cut sprigs of the baby's breath with about a two inch stem. Make mini bouquets  by wrapping the stems in floral tape. 

    3.  Add flowers to the wire. Place the little bundles on the crown Then wrap a strip of floral tape around the stem and wire base. The tape gets sticky when stretched as you will need to tug it as you wrap

    4.  Go as far around as you like. Keep adding flowers to your crown, until you get the look you want. For a full aesthetic, use tightly bound springs. Conversely, use less but more loosely bound sprigs for whimsy.

    We made a full crown here that took two bunches of baby's breath.

    Tip: If you use real flowers they’ll last about 24 hours. We make ours then put in a cooler topped with a paper towel to keep in moisture. 

    Tip: Be prepared to be amazed, re-purpose this pretty. Baby's Breathe dries beautifully so don't toss it when you're done. Pull out some ribbon, I like double sided satin, silk or linen, tie a bow and hang it on your door. Viola! It's a wreath! 

    So you have your own DIY Baby's Breath flower crown (and hello there, a wreath)! Have fun making. Take lots of pictures and share them with us so we know how it turns out. 

    Thank you so much for sharing. And, be sure to check out this post for a super easy succulent crown tutorial or see this one with peonies and ranunculus featuring my daughter, Beatrice on the Pottery Barn blog

    With love,



    Photography: J Leigh Captures 

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