Scenes from CHOF with Mayesh Design Star Workshop


For the FREE SPIRITS the ones... 
ones that stop to smell the ROSES.
for the women, the girls, the boys and the men who see possibility everywhere. and always... always looking for something more. deeper, richer, meaningful. fun. intimately gathered and grown. bound with intention. draped with something so rich and deep and honest that it's within us all. it's just finding it. reworking the soil about it. seeking and watering it to bloom.
Come along with us on a total Colonial House experience. 
one that speaks to Sight, Sound, Smells, Heart, Mind & Soul
beauty that speaks to the mind and the senses 
Take your mind and body and most of all, your spirit to places you've never been before. Jump into those projects you've always wanted to learn how to do. Refresh your style, vision, drive, skills and perspective. Hear stories. Inspire others. Get excited and impressed.
Hearten you!  
The team of students who not only join our journey but live it right here beside us --  always amaze us. Their work is incredible, And everyone is so generous and kind that everyone of us end up learning from each other. 
It's cool that way!
The CHOF Workshop Series strives to deliver unique and special experiences for everyone. While planning and dreaming these courses we hope to offer something that you haven't experienced before and something that you can take home too - like a sense of friendship, community, and confidence - connections with people who are brought together by the timeless language of flowers that pierces the spoken word, ethnicity, gender, age and background, too. 
tilling unbroken soil. 
You've got this!
Whether you are 89 or 5 years old, well educated or not, in the high school marching band, a rising young banker, grocery store florist or luxe event specialist, retired teacher or a stay at home mom whose never worked at all  -- we want you to leave with a sense of knowing you can do this, a confidence that grows within you and encourages you to be yourself.  
CHOF teaches a variety of workshops every year - including group workshops regionally, nationally + internationally, private classes i online video series and partnerships with Mayesh Wholesale Florist and Ogeechee Technical College. 


Portland - October 17

Detroit - November 14


Pottery Barn


Portland - October 18

Succulent Workshop with Pottery Barn + Colonial House of Flowers : Pottery Barn at NW 23rd AVE, Portland Oregon


Troy - November 15

Succulent Workshop with Pottery Barn + Colonial House of Flowers : Pottery Barn at Somerset, Troy Michigan