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Park Hill Collection

Chinoiserie Gourd Vase

Chinoiserie Gourd Vase

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Our Chinoiserie Gourd Vase is a perfect budvase for larger blooms like peonies or hydrangeas. A mostly white vase, its hand painted blue decoration depicts traditional motifs of floral and fauna in a whimsical swirl pattern with a unique wavy opening emphasized by a blue outline. The unique shape and brightness of this vase will make it stand out among your collection of Chinoiserie.

  • Color & Finish: Blue and White
  • Finished by artisans, variations to be celebrated
  • Find this item and more in our Southern Classic Collection
  • Imported
  • Item Dimensions: 8.5"L x 8.5"W x 12"H
  • Materials: Porcelain
  • Water tight
  • Ships by Ground
About The Brand:
  • The Park Hill Collection is a gathering of objects selected that bring happy memories of childhood and things we just fell in love with. Many are exclusive antique reproductions to help satisfy our nostalgic desire for the way things used to be and yet timeless for contemporary living. Combining these objects in various ways will create a personal statement all your own.

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