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Corrugated Ghosts Halloween Yard Art, Set of 3

Corrugated Ghosts Halloween Yard Art, Set of 3

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Add some spooky scary fun to your garden or yard this Halloween with this set of three corrugated metal ghosts. Every set includes all three fall friends! 

P.S. We heard that if you paint them with Glow-in-the-Dark paint they are amazing. We can't keep enough in the shop to try it! But, that's what we heard! 

Take lots of pictures and share with us on social media. 

Material: Corrugated Metal/Iron
Style: Whimsical
Holiday: Halloween
Season: Fall/Autumn
Dimensions: small 21"t, medium 26"t, large 39"t



Decorate Your Way Through Halloween! 

With Trick-Or-Treating being all out cancelled and toned down in neighborhoods everywhere over the last few years... what is a mom to do with a family who loves to get spooky this time of year? Well. We do what mom's do best. Bribe, distract and threaten with candy and treats --- and we bring out the whole GHOUL-squad in the yard to get BOO back!  

Here are a handful of adorable displays of our hand painted, metal Corrugated Ghosts Halloween Yard Art sets shared by YOU! Thank you for creating spooky memories with us and sharing your story with us on social media. have met some of the most beautiful people and seen some of the most beautiful properties delivering these ghosts. I love it!! 


Thank you, Emily Bedenbaugh! @alittlelovely_

See our Set of 3 Corrugated Metal Ghosts on Cover Me In Ivy in Atlanta



Thank you, Cover Me In Ivy! @covermeinivy 


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