Harry Barker Classic Food Storage Canister in Classic White + Classic Silver

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  • This charming classic will instantly bring timeless style to your home. Perfect for any décor, the simple and clean design will have you eager to show it off while saving your kitchen from clutter.
  • Serve your dog fresh kibble every day with our airtight lids. Our canisters’ lids were designed to keep freshness in and moisture, insects, and contaminants out.
  • Easy-open lids lift off effortlessly for those with opposable thumbs but serve as a protective barrier for your dog when he/she inevitably tries to get into it or knocks it over at dinner time.
  • Display on your countertops, tuck away beneath the cabinets or store in your pantry. These food containers keep your dog’s food neat, clean, and perfectly contained without causing a mess.
  • Keep your best friend healthy and ditch traditional plastic storage containers. Our food canisters are responsibly manufactured from recyclable tin which is food-safe, lead-free, and hand washable.
  • Available in Silver and White.


  • Small: 3.5 gallon holds 10 pounds of dry food.
    Measures 10.25" (top) x 9.13" (bottom) x 11.5" high.

    Medium: 6.5 gallon holds 22 pounds of dry food.
    Measures 12.25" (top) x 11.5" (bottom) x 14" high.

    Large: 11 gallon holds 40 pounds of dry food.
    Measures 13.5" (top) x 13.5" (bottom) x 19" high.