Seasonal Indoor Living Centerpiece Planters

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We are happy to create a unique design using your container or one from our curated selection of our favorite vessels. I create new arrangements to celebrate every season so check back! 

A.  Brown Woodland Container filled with 

Small White Waterfall Orchid in Planter with Mood Moss

Measures Approximately 19" base to top of arrangement 


Made the sweetest ‘thank you’ gift for a client today… love this container!! 🪵🌿🌾
This arrangement includes: the sweetest white waterfall orchid, mood moss, and Spanish moss. A few ornamental succulents are tucked in for fun and can be taken out to live on their own! It stands just 19in” tall. I like it so much I made a few more for available for purchase - deliver to friends or pick up!! 💖🌿😁 #CHOFatHome