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Natural Twig Sphere

Natural Twig Sphere

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Carefully crafted Natural Twig Sphere is a unique expandable orb of sturdy sticks that provides an appealing, textured alternative to traditional indoor and outdoor ornaments. Be prepared, the creative design makes this sculptural art object a stunning, versatile piece. From garden decor to ballrooms to bedrooms to patios to a back yard shed this basket from our California based HomArt Collection shines bright -- especially if you lace it with lots of tiny lights, fresh vines or artificial flowers. 

Just as Newton is one of the most effortless, naturally pretty places not too far from the Flint river in Baker County, Georgia so is this one-of-a-kind decor.  Newton stands alone as one of the few areas in the state untouched by a federal highway. I think these twig spheres are similarly offer rich refinement and rustic texture detail as they shine while standing alone or clustered in groups. 
This piece can be enjoyed as 1, set of 2 for room decor or set of 8 for parties and events.


length: 20 in
width: 20 in
height: 20 in
diameter: 20 in 50.80 cm
cube: 0.01
weight: 3.95 lb
material: twig
info: collapsed - 4x32 in; expanded - 20 in diameter

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