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Christy Griner Hulsey & Colonial House of Flowers in Atlanta, Georgia

Splash of Colour

Splash of Colour

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A white compote vase-full of a dozen of Team CHOF's favorite focal flowers - Hot Pink Floyd roses! 

The white compote, known as The Dahlia, is filled to the brim with a dozen hot nearly neon pink rose that has a shape full of personality and extra large bud size. The Pink Floyd Rosaprima rose is a luxury standard rose with a long vase life that will steal the show and say everything you want to say! 


  • “Strike a Rose” is Dahlia vase bouquet featuring a dozen Pink Floyd roses grown by the Rosaprima farm. 
  • We do not guarantee specific colors (as pictured or otherwise) in "Strike a Rose." In fact, an element of mystery is part and parcel of this arrangement's appeal!  
  • Patience required – Roses need a little time and TLC to pop so if you’re ordering this bouquet for a special event, have it arrive a day or two before the big day. 
  • Available for pick up or local delivery within the Atlanta area of our shop or daily routes.  
  • Not availaibe for shipping

About the Pink Floyd Rosaprima Rose: 


    Standard Roses




    Extra Large


    Hot Pink

The Colonial House of Flowers Promise: While working with nature and agriculture means that we can’t guarantee that the flower varieties and colors to be exactly as stated (or pictured!), we can primise that we will always deliver the highest quality stems and that your arrangement will be fresh, beautiful, and that you (or your recipient) will love it!

Our simple and organic approach to design relies on allowing the flowers to do what they do best: make us feel good while bringing a little beauty into our lives. We are (super!) passionate about flowers and live to share our love of flowers with others through each and every arrangement our design team carefully assembles. Whether we are creating a custom arrangement for your brand or business or helping you select the right plant we love to witness the joy and wonder that flowers and plants bring to our lives, our brands and our businesses. 

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